Schedule Your Visit

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Thank you for considering League City as the potential home for your business and family!  Many doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business professionals, and rocket scientists have chosen League City because of our competitive advantages and numerous amenities. Our strategic location, STEM-educated workforce, and outstanding quality of life make us a prime destination for both corporate relocations and business expansions.

Our goal is to build upon our robust, diverse economic base that includes quality, mixed-use development, entertainment, and the aerospace, energy, medical, professional services, maritime, and tourism industries. We welcome you and your employees to join us!

We would love to give you a brief tour of League City, visit with you over lunch or dinner, and provide lodging for up to two nights in the beautiful South Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center. If you would like to schedule a tour of League City and see all that we have to offer, please email Economic Development.