Business Intelligence Resources

Graphic business charts, diagrams and graphs.

Access to reliable market and demographic data is important in making critical business decisions. Whether you are considering starting a new business or expanding an existing one, understanding your competitors, the market potential for your product/service and customer base is important in growing and making future decisions.

The City of League City Economic Development Department provides marketing and research services to new, existing and startup businesses. Along with the tools below, we have access to several unique and high powered databases and a variety of demographic, census, health, consumer spending, education, crime, business, and traffic data. We can analysis data in different geographic contexts including block groups, census tracts, or ZIP Codes. Our data analysis can be customized for each business and it is FREE.

League City Economic Development can provide the following research and marketing services for FREE:

  • Demographic research, including drive-time analysis
  • Household and retail spending expenditures
  • Economic activity including businesses/competitor locations, number of employees, and annual sales volume
  • Retail sales potential
  • GIS mapping and analysis
  • Research on niche markets
  • Traffic count profile
  • Site location services