Retail Marketplace
League City enjoys a growing variety of unique and national brand retailers and restaurants, but there’s plenty of room for more. Comparison of potential and actual sales shows a robust demand for additional local retail.

Industry Summary    Demand (Retail Potential) Supply (Retail Sales) Retail Gap Leakage/Surplus Factor
Total Retail Trade and Food & Drink
$1,870,789,477 $1,018,398,633 $852,390,844 29.5
 Total Retail Trade $1,683,538,011 $918,517,842 $765,020,169 29.4
 Total Food & Drink $187,251,466 $99,880,791 $87,370,675 30.4
Source: ESRI & Dun & Bradstreet - Data obtained from Community Analyst Retail Market Place Profile, 2016